Akhtar Imam and his team have been recognized as among Bangladesh’s best at handling and resolving matters from the routine to the highly complex. We regularly appear in the full range of courts and tribunals and act for many corporations, regulatory bodies, professionals, individuals, etc. We partner with our clients to achieve the most cost effective outcome for them, be it early resolution through settlement or an aggressive litigation strategy to vindicate their rights. We meet with and advise our clients regularly throughout the litigation process to discuss where we have been and where we are going.


  • Successfully defended Bangladesh’s flag carrier airline, Biman Bangladesh, in multiple law suits filed by over 1000 former employees challenging Biman’s Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS)


Parties Citation
Dr. Muhammad Rowshan Ali Vs. Delta Insurance Company Limited & Others
1 LCLR [2012] Vol 3 HCD 256
Mohibul Ahsan (Md) (Shawan), Director, Ittefaq Group of Publications Ltd and others.
Vs. Ittefaq Group of Publications Ltd represented by Mainul Hosein Executive Director 1 and others
50 DLR (AD) (1998) 138
Shamsul Huda and others Vs. Alauddin and Taiwa Textile Mills Ltd
36 DLR (HC) (1984) 316
Fazal Mahmud Vs. The Pioneer Printing Press Ltd. & Others
41 DLR (HC) (1989) 529
Ittefaq Group of Publication Ltd vs. Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd
19 BLD (HC) (1999) 113
S.I. Khan and others vs. Integrated Services Ltd. and others
22 BLD (HC) (2002) 440
Mohammad Mohibul Ahsan, Director, Ittefaq Group of
Publications Ltd. vs. Ittefaq Group of Publications Ltd, represented by Mainul Hossain, Executive Director-1 and others
18 BLD (AD) (1998) 207
Arch Limited and others v. Zillur Rahman Chowdhury and others
26 BLD (AD) (2006) 197
Fazal Mahmud vs. The Pioneer Printing Press Ltd
10 BLD (HC) (1990) 339
Social marketing Company vs. Mr. Mahbubuzaman, Chairman Social Marketing Company
13 BLD (HC) (1993) 569
Anwar Hossain (Md) and another vs. Uttara Valley Ltd and other
11 BLC (HC) (2006) 157
Nurun Nahar Zaman vs. Sea Pearl Lines Ltd
11 BLC (HC) (2006)111
M. M. Ali Ispahani and others vs. M. M. Ispahani Ltd and others
1LCLR (2012) Vol. 2 HCD 185
Nuher Latif Khan vs Desh Energy Limited
20 BLC (HC) 80
Kamaluddin Ahmed vs. Director of Trade Organisations, Ministry of Commerce, Dhaka and others
20 BLD (HC) (2000) 457
Kamaluddin Ahmed Vs. Director of Trade Organisations and others
52 DLR (HC) (2000) 659
Bangladesh Muktijoddah Kalyan Trust vs. Kamal Trading Agency and others
18 BLD (AD) (1998) 99
Bangladesh Moktijoddah Kalyan Trust represented by the Managing Director. Vs. Kamal Trading Agency and others
50 DLR (AD) (1998) 171
Managing Partner Vs. Second Labour Court
34 DLR (HC) (1982) 55
Mrs. Suraiya Rahman vs. Skill Development for Under-Privileged Women, represented by its Project Director and others
17 BLD (HC) (1997) 284
PM August, Director Operations vs. Chairman, First Labour Court
4 BLC (HC) (1999) 402
Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation Vs. Shahid Hossain Bhuiyan (Md) and others
43 DLR. (AD) (1991) 154
Bangladesh Biman Sramik Union vs. The Registrar of Trade Unions & ors.
13 BLD (HC) (1993) 20
Md. Farooque Ahmed and others vs. Biman Bangladesh and others
1 LCLR (2012)Vol. 2 HCD 102
Shamsuddin Ahmed alias Md. Shamsuddin Vs. Managing Director, Bangladesh Mukti Juddha Kallyan Trust and others
44 DLR (HC) (1992) 524
Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha vs. Aziz Pipes Limited
3 BLC (HC) (1998) 297
Zakaria Hossain Chowdhury Vs. The City Bank Ltd & ors.
21 BLD (HC) (2001) 170
Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board Vs. Lithi Enterprise Ltd.
46 DLR (HC) (1994) 122
Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board Vs. Lithi Enterprises Limited.
50 DLR (AD) (1998) 63
Silkways Cargo Services Limited Vs. Malaysian Airlines System Berhad and Others
1 LCLR (2012) Vol. 4 HCD 402
Bangladesh Freedom Fighter’s Welfare Trust and Another’s vs. MD. Mamatazul Hossain.
12 BLD (AD) (1992) 199
Integrated Services Limited and others vs. Khaleda Rahman and others
5 BLC (AD) (2000) 69
Khaleda Rahman and another. Vs. Integrated Services Limited and others.
53 DLR (HC) (2001) 161
Shafi A. Choudhury vs. Pubali Bank Ltd. and others,
22 BLD (HC) (2002) 423
Bangladesh Italian Marble Works Ltd & another vs. Government of Bangladesh and another
5 BLC (AD) (2000) 145
Nelly Zaman Vs. Giasuddin Khan
34 DLR. (HC) (1982) 221
Ferdous Ara Zainul Vs. Mahmuda Khatun and ors
67 DLR (HC) (2015) 149
Suraiya Rahman Vs. Skill Development for Underprivileged Women represented by its Project Director and others
49 DLR (HC) (1997) 222
M/S. Kamal Trading Agency vs. Bangladesh Muktijoddha Kalyan Trust and others
12 BLD (HC) (1992) 258
Shahnaz Traders vs. MV Sletter and others
5 BLC (AD) (2000) 35
Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha vs. Aziz Pipes Limited
3 BLC (HC) (1998) 295
A.Q.M. Shah Alam Chowdhury vs. Govt. of Bangladesh and Others
28 BLD (AD) (2008) 69
AQM Shah Alam vs. Bangladesh and ors
13 BLC (AD) (2008) 122
Nowsher Mollah vs. State
3 BLC (HC) (1998) 251
Aminul Islam vs. Rokeya Begum and another
2 BLC (AD) 1997 60
Rafiqul Alam (Md) MD Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd. Vs. State
57 DLR (HC) (2005) 145
SA Alim Vs. Dr. Md. Golam Nabi and another
48 DLR (HC) (1996) 98
Integrated Services Ltd. Vs. Commissioner, Customs and Others
59 DLR (HC) (2007) 597
Mrs. Razia Satter vs. Mr. Azizul Huq and two others
26 BLD (HC) (2006) 515
Razia Satter vs. Azizul Huq and Two others
12 BLC (HC) (2007) 357
Registrar vs. Chowdhury Ataur Rahman Azad and others
6 BLC (AD) (2001) 79
S.M. Humayun Kabir Vs. Bangladesh & Others,
1 LCLR [2012] Vol 1 HCD 22
Kalam and others vs. Bangladesh and others
21 BLD (HC) (2001) 446
Bangladesh Sangbadpatra Parishad Vs. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Others
43 DLR (HC) (1991) 424
Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust and another Vs. Md. Momtazul Hossain
44 DLR (AD) (1992) 273
Nayeemul Islam Khan Vs. Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate and others
17 BLC (HC) (2012) 689
Bangladesh Biman Corporation & ors. Vs. Md. Zahangir Farazi & ors.
2 LCLR (2013)Vol. 1 HCD 1