High Court Orders Prompt Reopening of Lakehead Grammar School



The High Court of Bangladesh has issued a directive to reopen Lakehead Grammar School within 24 hours, overturning a previous order that had temporarily stayed the school’s reopening for 10 days. The court’s decision aims to prioritize the education and well-being of the students.

Lakehead Grammar School faced legal challenges regarding its closure, leading to debates about educational institutions’ operations and student rights. The court’s order, as reported by Prothom Alo, brings an end to the temporary closure and addresses concerns about academic progress and disruptions to the school’s operations.

The reopening of Lakehead Grammar School holds significance not only for its students but also for the broader educational landscape in Bangladesh. The High Court’s decision highlights the importance of uninterrupted access to quality education (The Financial Express).

The court’s prompt order to reopen the school within 24 hours showcases its commitment to safeguarding students’ rights and prioritizing education. It sets a precedent for other educational institutions facing similar challenges, emphasizing the role of the judiciary in protecting students’ rights (

In conclusion, the High Court’s directive to promptly reopen Lakehead Grammar School within 24 hours signifies a significant development in the legal battle surrounding the school’s closure. The decision emphasizes the court’s commitment to prioritize students’ education and sets a precedent for ensuring uninterrupted access to quality education.


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